Bronze Jewelry for Women

bronze jewelsBronze is a material that has been used in jewelry making for centuries. But in ancient Egypt the bronze jewelry for women was shrouded in mystery. Jewelry was worn not only as a symbol of wealth but also as protection from evil.

The necklace was seen as a symbol of the power of the Goddesses. They were covered in symbols and jewels. The symbols included the eye of Horus and the Ankh, which was the symbol for immortality. Modern bronze jewelry for women draws some of its inspiration from this fascinating period in history.

Because of the nature, color and tone of bronze it can recreate ancient Egyptian style jewelry and look fascinating. These styles are for the bold and the brave. One such style is the Usekh collar. This is a wide collar worn over the shoulders and really turns heads when it is adorned. Such collars and necklaces enhance the empress within and make you stand out from the crowd with a bold, rich statement.

But not every design needs to be bold. Sometimes a subtle look is called for. Stylish single wire bronze bracelets that recreate the symbol of Ouroboros, the snake eating its own tail, are simple and elegant and have been used the world over for centuries.

Other stylish types of bronze jewelry for women include simple bronze glass earrings that use pearl shapes and clusters that work perfectly with monochromatic evening wear and darker skin tones and hair color. Bronze drop earrings with geometric shaping use Egyptian styles but in a less bold way. Handcrafted bronze leaf earrings use corrugated effects to create a delicate leaf that can work fantastically with a matching necklace from the same designer.

The cutting edge of bronze jewelry design today is handmade. New up and coming designers are really pushing the boundaries of jewelry design and coming up with some fantastic pieces. New artisans are creating bronze jewelry for women that are modern handmade interpretations of classic pieces.

Victorian pendants and earrings are very much in vogue at the moment and designers are recreating these classic designs using bronze. Bronze cluster pendants incorporate jewels such as amethyst, blue topaz, and bronze together to make a delicate piece that harks back to the Victorian age.

Bronze can give an aged look that is perfect for the reimagining of these old designs, making them look like instant classics. Bronze can give both an aged look and a high polish that rivals gold. It is this adaptability that makes it such a popular material for artisans to work with and for women to wear.

Whether you want to be bold and beautiful with large Egyptian designs that are reminiscent of Cleopatra, or you desire a subtler Victorian pendant or earrings, bronze can give you and your outfit elegance and mystery that is irresistible.