Vintage Jewelry

vintage diamond ringsMany vintage items are becoming more and more popular in today’s fashion trends. From clothes to hair styles and even jewelry; many vintage items are back in style. There are many different type of vintage jewelry available because, as you can imagine, there have been many popular styles over the last century.

As with anything vintage, jewelry pieces become more expensive and valuable the older they get. Because older pieces are usually costly many modern jewelry manufactures have begun to make jewelry lookalike of vintage pieces. Often times manufactures are able to create the exact same pieces from the exact same materials that were used for the original pieces. The only difference is the new items cost much less because they have less importance attached to them.

Rings and earrings are the two most popular types of vintage jewelry because their styles have changed so greatly over time. Rings have been made in styles ranging from elaborate to simple and even large to small. Equally earrings also have a wide range of possibilities. They can be large or small, solitaire or dangly, diamond, metal or even plastic. Blue Nile is currently one of the world’s largest listed company dealing in online jewelry and are a reliable place to buy jewelry.

Earrings are also great ways to accent your attire so they have remained popular over many generations and usually withstand the test of time. Throughout history there have been different styles of diamond cuts and different trends in the use of silver and gold. In some eras plastic and glass was even used instead of metal, creating a whole new classification of jewelry. You can often tell what era a piece of jewelry is from because of the style and design of the piece.

Vintage jewelry is a broad classification for all jewelry pieces older than a decade. Not all vintage pieces are the same in style because not all are from the same era. Trends changed as much in the past as they do today so it is easy to tell which pieces came from which eras.

1920’s – Square and plain pieces of jewelry were popular in this era. May earrings and bracelets of the time were designed of square metals, or plastics. Rings were often plain bands and necklaces often only had a simple pendant. In this era there were also many broaches made of metals or plastics that were extremely popular.

1930’s- The bigger the better in the 30’s and many jewelry pieces were designed to be seen. However many jewelry pieces were made from small amounts of metal and often used plastics or glass. Diamonds and other stones were not popular at this time and many pieces of jewelry were intricately designed to make up for the lack of stones.

1940’s – Floral design was popular in the 40’s. Many earrings, broaches and even necklaces had floral themes. Stones became popular again in this era and often times many little stones were used to make elaborate designs instead of using one large stone. Beaded jewelry also became popular at this time and many women displayed bracelets made with beaded stones or other beads.

1950’s- Metal was extremely in fashion in the 50’s and nearly every piece of jewelry was made from pure metal. The metal was often elaborately designed and large, in part to make up for the lack of stones. Many different types of metal were used in the same pieces and in this era it is common to find silver and gold in the same piece of jewelry.

1960’s- Earthy became the trend in the 60’s many pieces of jewelry were designed to take on earthy tones and themes. Wooden beads and pendants were often used to decorate necklaces and bracelets. Additionally thread jewelry became popular and braided and woven bracelets were common among the youth. Rings were not high in style in this period and they it is rare to find an actual ring from the 60’s.

1970’s- With the 70’s came the return of plastic jewelry. Necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets were all made from plastic. Many pieces were large and mad of bright colors that helped them to stand out. This is the era where jewelry was changed to match every outfit and occasion. Often times pieces were made from simple shapes and pieces were relatively inexpensive for the time.